New Website!

Is starting to come together here!

Warning :: subject to mis-formatting / breakage as we work on it (and it’s not been tested much beyond Chrome/FF) , but if anyone has any thoughts / suggestions or would like to get involved, please let me know.

(also, some of the content will be subject to change)


Yup, and now Live!

I reckon around 7,500 pages including all the documentation … :smiley:

Some remarks:

[ol]- Munich is not in the GDR (German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany), which ceased existence in 1989, but in the Federal Republic of Germany, short: Germany or FRG :wink:

  • I already an e-mail to the webmaster in respect of the distributions pointing out my experience with some of the distributions mentioned:
1) OpenSUSE I still think that Suse's most remarkable feature is YAST: Currently the best administration tool for Linux around. It's greatest weakness is it's lack of multimedia abilities. They do not include a whole range of essential codec, due to legal reasons:
  1. I would also add, based on Ubuntu, but emphasises KDE instead of Gnome

  2. Debian
    Debian is my preferred distribution, but has significant shortcoming for newcomers:

a) In the official release (“stable”) the software is often quite outdated (Gimp 2.4.x instead of 2.6.8; Openoffice 2.4.x instead of 3.2.1). Installing
such software, especially in the case of Gimp, which requires compiling from the sources and the pre-installation of several libraries, is something I
would not recommend a new-comer to linux.
b) The support for hardware can be tricky (getting a Wifi to work is easily a pain-in-the-arse)
3) Debian leave the most decisions to the user, which is fine for a IT-literate person, but not for someone new with Linux

On the other site: Debian systems are extremely stable, are in my experience the best-documented distribution around and have the widest support for different CPUs.

  1. It may should be mentioned that Ubuntu is based on Debian’s “unstable”-tree (even before packages are entering the “testing”-tree). Therefore Ubuntu does use normally the most recent version of software.


Many thanks, GDR now removed :smiley:

  1. If you want to comment on the page itself (at the bottom) at some, firstly it will show with the page, secondly, at some point we’ll roll-up all the comments and do a more comprehensive page based on the feedback.

  2. Sure, anyone who wants to contribute is more than welcome! Would you like a login? :smiley:

  3. I would agree … (also ++ #1)

  4. I’m afraid although you are technically correct, I would disagree. There are many instances where Ubuntu is a LONG way behind the source distribution of a given package. Whereas Ubuntu people may argue the toss about stability / beta releases etc, Mozilla thunderbird is on 3.1 and Ubuntu is still sporting 2.x, I’m using virt-manager 8.x and have been for nearly six months whereas Ubuntu is on 7.x. I just upgraded two servers to fix a critical crash problem involving KVM that was fixed / released in April, but has only just now made it into the kernel release.

Anyway, for most people this sort of lag is fine, indeed it wipe the floor with RHEL, however it’s a long way off being as up-to-date as Ubuntu, which I would take as a benchmark …

Oh, and another one … I just upgraded lighttpd to cover some critical faults and a huge potential DDOS. Source build required as the Ubuntu version of lighttpd seems to date back to 2009 … they’ve not picked up on the security update from Feb this year !!

great stuff. Nice appearance and great use off font. Jolicloud Distro a mention?


No objection to any distro being mentioned, just a little short on resource … ideally we’d like people to register, log in and post their own content … short of that, if someone wants to send an entry via email (i.e. resized graphic and some text) I’ll happily post it …

It’s a Wordpress site … to add a distro, just create a new post, upload the image (little square box, editor top left), making a note of the URL. Paste in the text, then paste in the URL of your image into the “Post Image” box underneath. Assign it to “Distro’s” (and ‘Server Distro’s’ if there is a specific server version for that distro) and save.


Where is the login for redirects after 5/10secs so I don’t have enough time too register.

Erm “” is dead, you need to be on “” which is where the redirect should take you.

Registration and login is bottom right … (very bottom) → User Options → Log in → Register

While possibly being picky, under the “Server” section and then under “Ever feel like they are out to get you?”

The first sentence has a typo.

“It’s a nice knowing” should probably be “It’s nice knowing”.

Thanks JayneDee… Typo corrected.