New with slow internet

Committed Windows user of 20 years, 11 year old son is Ubuntu mad and had it running great on his laptop. I need to support him more so must learn it myself, but my wireless internet is painfully slow. The first speed test I did was great 15 maps but now it’s dropped to 0.6. Can anyone give some advice on how to speed it up, advise aimed at a complete beginner would be very much appreciated, he’s that far ahead of me I fear I may never catch up.

Hi Manxsi and welcome to the forums

I’ve just been through the same issue which eventually came to a successful conclusion have look through this thread it may offer you some help

good luck


I take it you’ve tried just restarting your router ?

Have you tried deleting the wireless network profile in networkmanager and recreating it ?

I also take it these speed tests you’re doing aren’t just one-offs … that you’ve run the speedtest a number of times and it’s always slow ?

Solved it. Three words. Location. Location. Location.

Heh, yeah I too noticed wireless signals were stronger “outside” my lead lined nuclear bunker :wink: