Newb wanting linux console!


I am forever being yanked by the M$ OS although find myself tinkering more ( and enjoying ) the lighter side of the cute penguin.

Joking aside the missus bought a console (PS3) although I am not entirley happy with certain areas so thought I would tinker about and pop what I believe should be ubuntu on it.

Does anyone have some tips for where to point me and what would be the best software to run to provide music visualisations to music.


The PS3’s ability to run Linux (Other OS option) was removed by Sony in the latest firmware update… if you have not already installed this firmware, you can install Linux, but you will NOT be able to use the PS3 for online gaming (or sign onto PlayStation Network)… If you own a “slimline” PS3 this never had the ability to run Linux, only the older “fat” versions could, but not any more. :frowning:

There are a fair few class action court cases concerning Sony removing something that was advertised as a “feature”

Old news articles:

Sony sued:

Yah Boo Sony!

Thanks, mark. Oh well lets see if this Geohot chap can magic some firmware or I guess I will just have to use it to watch movies or play the occasional game, tut! :frowning:

Shame, oh well time to get those spare PC’s out and have a good play with linux that way, Ta Ta Sony may see you in 10 years or so