Ok, totally new to this, have looked and see plenty of linux options so I have a windows 10 tablet, it has the required 2gb ram and I have a 16 gb usb. I like Tails but what be the best linux giving me the best online security should i use?

Any Linux is quite secure. The system doesn’t allow programs to run without being given permission, whether by the installer or you — just clicking on them in the file manager will do nothing if that hasn’t been done. You might find this useful:

With a touch-screen tablet, it might be a good idea to consider Ubuntu. It uses the Gnome GUI, which is particularly good with such hardware. Get the long-term-support version and that’s good for 5 years’ of updates. You can make a live USB that you can boot from and make sure that you’re happy.

  • Download the Ubuntu iso file
  • Install bash on Windows so that you can check the download’s integrity by calculating its checksum
  • Install Rufus on Windows so that you can create a bootable USB stick.

Read all about it: