I’m really racked off with Windows 7 and come to that, with IE as well. Can’t be doing with virus checkers & firewalls and having to clean registry evry other day.

Thinking of going for either Ubuntu or Mint - are there any pitfalls to be aware of?

We have two PC’s at home with wireless router through cable.

Many thanks


Well put :wink:

No real pitfalls as such, and hardware can be tested from the LiveCD/LiveUSB before installation, but it really depends what you expect from Linux.

Example - A lot of people seem to expect Linux to run Windows applications… it won’t… well it might run some in WINE, but they are never going to run as well as they do in their native OS.

Only other thing that immediately jumps to mind is printers and scanner drivers can sometimes be awkward or even missing in Linux… more about the fact that some manufacturers don’t support Linux (although there may be alternative drivers)… HP printers tend to be the best supported in Linux.

As do nVidia graphics cards… doesn’t mean others aren’t supported, just that you can be pretty sure nVidia ones are WELL supported.

It may be better if you tell us about your hardware, and what windows applications you MUST have, then we can let you know if there will be any hardware issues (unlikely), and if there are Linux alternatives to the apps you must have.

hardware - in particular, which graphics card, wireless card, printer… but as much info as possible always helps :wink:

Some links to look at -

Wine - for running some Windows apps in Linux

Linux alternatives to well known Windows software (99% of which are free, as is the vast majority of Linux software)

Printer support in Linux

LiveCD explained

LiveUSB explained

Graphics seem fine, don’t use a printer much, but it’s HP F2280. The only issue so far is wireless connectivity; I can’t find a Linux driver for a Belkin G+MIMO wireless card.

Have you got a model number for the Belkin wireless adapter?.. such as F5D9010uk or similar.
So I can try to find out which wireless chip it uses, and talk you through the driver installation (if needed).

On the disc, it’s F5D9000ed

can you open a terminal and post back the output from the following 3 commands

lspci ifconfig lsmod | grep rt61pci

hit enter after each line, and remember Linux IS case sensitive… may be easier to cut and paste them 1 at a time.

I take it the wireless card is an internal PCI card?

I’ve downloaded Ubuntu 10.04.1 & it looks and works great, right. The wireless card issue is not a problem, just plugged a cable in - sorted. Managed to download a few apps from the software centre and they appear just where I’d expect them to be - easy.

Now, I’ve downloaded a couple of games, Regnum & Auteria and they appear in the download area OK, but what do I do next? There isn’t a .exe like Fenestre Diabolique, so can anyone tell me what is the file extension I should be looking for please?

Ta muchly


Is there a .deb version?

For Ubuntu/Mint/Debian .deb files will install in a similar way to .exe in Windows, just double-click.

If not, they will probably come as a tarball (tar.gz), unpack it and check the README or INSTALL (or similar) file for instructions.

[EDIT] for the [i][b]Regnum[/b][/i] installer - ([i]the installer needs to be made executable[/i]) 1. Download the Regnum Online Linux installer off of the website. 2. Open your terminal and navigate to the folder you downloaded Regnum Online. 3. Type [b]sudo chmod +x RegnumOnlineInstaller_32[/b] (NOTE: Change this to 64 bit if applicable). 4. Double click the Regnum Online installer now and the installer will open.

Or, you can right-click the RegnumOnlineInstaller_32 (or 64) file, select Properties, then on the Permissions tab, put a tick in the
Execute: Allow executing file as program
box, click Close.
Go to step 4 above.

[EDIT] For the [i][b]Auteria[/b][/i] tarball - 1. Download the [b] Auteria_Beta_1_97_1.tar.gz[/b] from their website 2. Right-click the File and select [b]Unpack Here[/b] 3. You will now have a folder called [b]Auteria_Beta_1_97_1[/b], open it, open the auteria folder. 4. The [b]README.LINUX[/b] file inside says to just run the [u]auteria[/u] or [u]auteria_shader[/u] file, so click the [b]auteria[/b] or [b]auteria_shader[/b] file, and select [b]Run[/b]

Worth bearing in mind there whereas you can write a Windows installer and the resulting package will install on “Windows”, there are many Linux distributions and each one has it’s own filesystem layout and package format. This makes writing a package installer inherently more complex (and time consuming) and often something author’s of free software choose not to do. (typically there are half a dozen major formats, which is half a dozen installation / testing routines …)

So when you find some software you like, that’s not available as part of your linux distribution, it’s worth having a look around the distribution website and making a request where appropriate that they ‘adopt’ the package … if you can persuade them, future installations / upgrades will become much easier … :slight_smile: