NFS and chown

Hi forumers

I would like to connect by NFS one linux to another but with users rights.
For example:

but how to copy on the second linux all user accounts and when I share by NFS have user rights (chown).
for example
/home/pub/telix on both machines with the same UID and when filesystem send file or directory on remote machine have user and group what is create on main machine.
Normally by NFS I have user nobady and group nogroup, but I would like to have permission and rights every user on both machines.
Is it possible to create ?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but the answer is nearly always to use groups to achieve permissions for multiple users.


If you want to give john and jane permissions to write to the share, on the server create a group ‘john&jane’ and add them both to it … the set the share to allow writing only by anyone in the ‘john&jane’ group.