No flash

Hey guys I like to use ipiccy online for photo editing as it’s easy, but the flash is disabled and I don’t know how to enable it. What do I do? I have got Pinta but I’m finding it tricky and it keeps closing itself down.

Is there something that works in your pepernint dist?

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Peppermint 9 should already have flash installed for Firefox.

click this link

Click the Blue “Edit a Photo” button.

You should see a “Run Adobe Flash” icon in the middle of your screen … click it.

At the top, a popup should appear asking you if you want to allow Adobe Flash to run on this site … put a tick in the “Remember this decision” box, then click the “Allow” button.

Yeahhhh…a day after I posted this I thought I’d try flash on the Firefox browser and it works there. But Firefox is sloooooooooooooowww and I much prefer Chrome. For some reason ipiccy on Chrome thinks I’m using Safari browser.

I hope the computer guys will be able to fix my Chromebook and get it charging again!

This notebook is okay but screen is so teensy, I struggle to read stuff.