No Install Route


I am trying to install Linux Lite on an old laptop. However, the DVD drive does not seem to be working very well and I have tried installing a new one with the same results. None of the installation disks seem to work, so I would speculate that the problem is more than just a dodgy drive. The laptop does have a floppy drive and USB ports, but the BIOS does not allow booting from the USB port, but does from the floppy drive. I would like to get Linus Lite installed on the laptop. Does anyone have any idea how to proceed?


Hi Matt.

I had exactly this problem on a very cheap, second-hand desktop: it wouldn’t boot from the USB drive, which is what I wanted to do.
The solution, from this Forum, was simply to remove the drive, insert it into a computer that would boot from a USB (or in your case a DVD) and install (in my case) Ubuntu. Then remove the drive and put it back into the original computer. And it worked fine.

Of course you do need another computer - or a very good friend.

Best of luck; and do let us know how you solve the problem.

Thanks for that. I’ll need to think about that, but it sounds promising.


Mind giving us the terminal output for

inxi -Fz

for this laptop?