No password requested at boot

I am running Peppermint 3 on a Dell D505 which I installed to boot without needing my password.

I needed to add a temporary user, which was easy enough, and I set the log-in requirements for both accounts to be “needs password at log-in”, expecting the basic Peppermint screen to be displayed at reboot with a choice of users. But the PC boots straight into my administrator’s account without even asking for my password.

I found the file /etc/login.defs which defines many conditions for the log-in procedure but could not find anything relevant to this problem. Perhaps I have missed something in the Menu. Any ideas?



sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Find the line similar to


and change it to either

# autologin-user=mark



SAVE the file, and reboot to test.

Thank you, Mark - that worked perfectly, of course.
And even better is that the login screen provides me with the choice of Classic View, which I did not realise was available with Peppermint.

Am I right in thinking that I can change that file so that it will open in the account of any user?

Yes, changing the username after “autologin-user=” would cause Peppermint to log that user on without showing the login screen at all.

Thank you, Mark.