No printing service peppermint 4 (SOLVED)

Hi guys

I never seem to off here looking for help

As I mentioned in another post I’ve just re-installed PM4 to my PC and when I try to install my printer I’m presented with a dialogue box saying “Printing service not available”, I installed with a live usb (pre respin) and I know this was a problem when PM4 was just released but I thought it would have been sorted out with the first update, so I updated manually using the Software Updater but it’s still the same

Any help would be much appreciated


Full system update (and a reboot) will fix … that was solved in an update.

Was this the respin ?

Full system update (and a reboot) will fix .. that was solved in an update.

That’s what I thought

Was this the respin ?

No the install USB was the pre respin version, But I thought all I would have to do was update the system, I’ve not been offered any updates so far, but I ran a full update manually from the Software Updater when finished it prompted me to reboot (which I did) but still no Printing Service.

I’ll try it again and post back

Ok I ran the Software Updater and it said system was up to date, I rebooted and now the Printer service is up and running, I don’t understand that because I definately rebooted the first time

sorry about that


a) I have a feeling the way the fix in the update was applied required 2 log off/on’s to fully complete … so it wasn’t you :wink:

b) The fix should already be applied in the respin … kinda the whole point of the respin :slight_smile: