No right click with mouse

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 a few days ago, and very much like it, albeit with a few bugs to work out.

I cannot get my right click to work, and have tried 3 different mice. The mouse configuration screen doesn’t mention right click at all.
Can anyone advise a course of action? I have searched the forum, and see some references to right click commands, so I’m pretty sure Ubuntu has right click functionality.
This is a new install, on a formatted hard drive, with no other OS or partition on the machine.

By the way, I am really happy to come back to Linux, after putting it aside 10 years ago. Now that I have more free time, I’m going to finish what I started back then.

is it a USB or PS/2 mouse ?

One wireless USB mouse, and two other wired USB mice. No difference. Left click and wheel are OK, but no right click at all. I’ll search for one of my old PS/2 mice to try, but might take a while to find them in the dusty old basement.

OK, worth a shot… I was hoping you were going to say PS/2 … I’ve seen this before on a PS/2 mouse, but not USB ???


Is this a laptop ?

Thanks for the very quick replies.
Not a laptop, but a 5 year old HP desktop, with no installation disks. So I just formatted the hard-drive, after encountering windows lisencing (I could never spell that word!!LOL) problems.

Did you find a PS/2 mouse ? … and did the right-click work ?

After much searching, I could not find a PS/2 mouse; however I did find a PS/2 out to USB adaptor. Plugged my USB mouse in to it, and I now have right click.
So what could be the problem with USB? I really need to find a way to make the USB mouse work without the adaptor.
In the meantime, the cord is kinda stretched, and I have to stretch myself to use the mouse. Any ideas?


This may seem like a strange thing to try… but bare with me… have you got another keyboard you can try that is a different model to the one you are using now ?

and is the keyboard you are using at the moment an M$ keyboard by any chance ?


Does your keyboard have an F-Lock key, and is it turned off ?

Well Mark,
I don’t know how you came up with that, but…yes, I had started with a wireless MS keyboard/mouse set, then swapped the mouse for the PS/2 adapter, with the wired USB mouse, with the original MS wireless keyboard.
As per your suggestion, I connected a PS/2 keyboard (not MS), put the mouse back into a USB port, and all works fine. Right click whenever I want. Damn MS!
I couldn’t find anything like F Lock on either keyboard.
If this is a hardware compatibility problem, then I’ll live with it (wired keyboard & mouse, that is) and blame MS.

Thanks very, very much for your help!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: … It seems it may be related to this bug:

The M$ keyboard appears to register itself as both a keyboard and a mouse, and one of the special function keys sends a signal that is interpreted as a mouse “click” without ever sending the corresponding click “release”… so the OS thinks the mouse button is continually depressed.
(oddly enough it “normally” affects the left mouse button… at least it did in Maverick)

A possible fix is to install the latest xserver-xorg-xinput-evdev package from the xorg-edgers PPA, but I want to do some more homework on this… gimme a day, then check back.

I don’t want to give you a link to anything that may break your OS “more” so I want to test it first.

BTW, don’t go trying any of the “fixes” in that link… they are for older versions of Ubuntu, and may do more damage than good.

F-Lock is actually a Function Lock (function modifier key), or Fn Lock or just Fn (as on most laptops) etc. … but may not be present, it was just something to check if it WAS present.

OK, try this…

Download one of these two files, depending on your architecture (ie. if you are running 32bit or 64bit Ubuntu):

For 32bit Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty):

For 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty):

Now just double-click the downloaded file, then select the “Upgrade” button to install it.
(make sure Synaptic and the Update manager AREN’t running, or the Software Centre will just sit there till they are closed)

Now reboot, and try your wireless keyboard and mouse.

If that doesn’t work, can you let me know the exact model of your wireless keyboard.

Hello Mark,
I did as you suggested, and it works just fine now. Wireless mouse & keyboard set OK.
Thank you once again for all the great advice!!
By the way, the wireless keyboard/mouse set are HP Model 5187URF2+, not MS as I had earlier said; fyi.

Best regards,

Thanks for the info… that may help other people searching with the same problem/keyboard :slight_smile: