No screen display (SOLVED)

Hi Mark,
I wanted to start up my old Peppermint2 computer before taking it to the workshop.
I was going to install BricsCAD v14 but when I switched I have no screen display on the monitor.
The lights on the router/modem don’t flash as they normally do when I look for an internet connection.
Can you help here ?

take care
Don W
PS The machine I just installed PeppermintOS 4 is working fine and this is what I am using at the moment.
PPS I have started the offending computer using Alt+SysRq REISUB and the system is working.
I will shut down here and transfer the cable to the other machine and try again.

Hi Mark,
I have started the machine (twice) and it is ok, but I have lost my Internet connection.
Can you help ?

take care
Don W

Which computer is broken?
Is the screen and everything working correctly, just can’t get an internet connection?
Is this wired or wireless connection?

My standalone desktop is broken.
When I start up it works ok, the screen works ok, and I can use the the computer to do what I want.
However when I start the same computer with the wired connection plugged in, it takes a while to start.
The screen works ok, but the time is shown as 10:30 (time is 13:42) and the little icon keeps turning round in the taskbar until it finally shows a broken internet connection.
Does this help ?

take care
Don W

Clock (and probably date) will be wrong because the BIOS battery has discharged through lack of use or just because the battery has had enough.

You’ll have to enter the BIOS and reset the date/time in there … then leave the system switched on for a day to see if the battery recharges and keeps the correct time when switched off and unplugged … if not, replace the battery.

Interweb connection -

Can you post the output from:

sudo lshw -C network



Hi Mark,
Is this what you need ?

Hello :slight_smile:

is what what I need ?

Hi Mark,
I can’t seem to paste the png image in attachments, and when I press the Post button the ‘Connecting’ icon whirls round merrily but doesn’t connect

take care
Don W
Well it worked ok that time.
Another try

:smiley: :smiley: whooopeeee ; :smiley: :wink:

Hi donwatson

You don’t have to add terminal outputs as attachments, you can paste the content directly in the message box here, then to make it easier to read highlight the full text and code wrap it by clicking on the # symbol directly above the message box

Good luck


Has this PC connected with that ethernet adapter to that router with the same cable before before ?

How long is that ethernet cable ?

Have you reset the BIOS clock yet ?


I’m with Emegra here … when posting output, it would be MUCH better it you copied the text from the terminal and posted it here as text for a few reasons
a) I can’t copy text from an image
b) I don’t have to download anything or switch to another webpage
c) Mad Penguin has been good enough to allow attachments on this forum (therefore using his hard drive capacity), but it would be nice if people only use them where 100% necessary :wink:
(that image took roughly 450 times the capacity of the same content posted as text ;))

Hi Mark,
This is the only cable I have used to connect computer + router/modem.
About 4.5 METRES
I have reset the BIOS with the date and time, it was showing wednesday 21/02/2014

take care
Don W
EDIT Sorry about that but I don’t know how to copy from the other computer and paste it here on the computer with the internet connection.
If I have a connection I usually copy and paste from the terminal :-[

Copy paste it to a text file … transfer the text file the same way you did the pic :wink:

Rigght click the desktop, select Create New > Empty File and call it output.txt … copy the text to there … save … transfer to other PC on say a USB stick.


What’s the output from:

ls -a /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections


And do you know the IP address or your router ?

Have you tried simply turning the router off and on again ?

Hi Mark,
I can’t seem to get anywhere with this problem. The text on the screen is bigger than the screen but I think it shows

. …
? is this right
take care
Don W
EDIT I think this is it

don@ldwatson ~ $ ls -a /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
. …
don@ldwatson ~ $

Have you got another ethernet cable you can test with … if only to rule it out.

Also try a different ethernet port on the router

Also unplug the ethernet cable from the PC and look into the socket … you should see 8 pins … are any of them bent ?

Hi Mark,
1 I can get another cable in the morning. I use the same cable on both computers but I will get a shorter cable tomorrow and try that.
2 There are 2 ports at the rear of the router, the squarish one I am using and a slightly more ‘D’ shaped one that I don’t have a plug for. I could also get a cable for that tomorrow.
3 There are 8 tiny little pins, they all look ok.

take care
Don W

If you KNOW the cable is OK, there’s no point getting another it MUST be a software problem.

Is there any chance you can try booting a LiveCD and see if networking works ?

You only have one ethernet port on your router ? … what’s the make/model ?

Do you know the IP address of your router ?

Hi Mark,
I went back to the broken computer and it is now working.
I went back and unplugged all electrical connections and had a cuppa.
I reconnected the cable between the router and the computer and plugged in the router and switched on.
Router started,lights flashed, settled at 2 lights (cable, power)
I then plugged in Monitor, Computer and the Router lights flashed again and settled down with 3 lights (cable, power, pc)
I switched on the Monitor and Computer and the send and receive lights started flashing on the Router, they then settled to the usual 3 lights and the icon on the Monitor shows "Wired network connection ‘Wired connection 1’ active.
I am writing this on the offending computer, so thanks again for all your help but I will be back. :wink:

take care
Don W
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Great … weird … but great :wink: