No sound output from Ubuntu desktop - Solved!

My own PC with V11.10 works very well and I offered to upgrade a free desktop that came my way for a friend. Ubuntu V11.10 loaded without problems and I even managed (with some help from this Forum) to get the wireless network going. And the HP printer works as well!

Sadly, though, there is no sound output. I have searched several forums and other sites for advice, but most of it is for rather old Linux distros.

I have used all the system checks that I can find, and used several terminal commands found on the web to examine audio drivers and hardware, but it’s beginning to look as though the amplifier is not working. I attach a file of my efforts and the results and would be glad if someone would advise me.


Try searching your Intel ICH in the search function Intel sound issues raised by other members could hold a clue for you.

Mark suggested to BkS:
sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer
Then start GNOME ALSA Mixer, and put a tick in IEC958.

As ALSA is installed already, is it OK to do this without the risk of further problems? I’m chicken!

you can always untick the box if it is still not working.

Yes it’s safe to install gnome-alsamixer … it’s only a GUI front end for alsamixer which will already be installed :slight_smile:

There was no box to tick on the Alsa mixer screen (any ideas?), but the installation produced sound from the output jack on the video board though not from the jack on the front panel of the PC. That’s fine for me.
Out of interest: of the several vertical bars on Alsa Mixer, only the “Line” bar is changeable by entering a number or using the arrow keys, and this has no effect on the output sound. I can’t change the selected bar. It’s not important but if you can explain this it wold be interesting, for completeness.
My thanks to Mark and Tramlink - as usual!

Sounds like we need to tweak your sound drivers a little … if you’re happy with it till Feb 17th (when I’m back online properly) it would help … draw my attention back to this issue then and we’ll see what we can do.