No welcome screen

I’m running Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 17 laptop. I’ve followed the instructions for creating a Ubuntu 18.04 disc, but when I put it in the disc drive and restart the laptop, I get no welcome screen. What am I doing wrong?

What do you get? What do you see?

Hi. I get a Yahoo search screen with this in the address bar - Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands. Thanks!

That may have become set as your Homepage. What browser are you using? - set as my homepage.

This topic is making no sense ???

Does Ubuntu boot ?

What do you mean by “welcome screen”? … and when are you expecting it ?

What has Yahoo got to do with anything ?

Is Ubuntu booting properly, but you’re expecting some kind of “welcome screen” when you start the web browser ?

You’re not explaining very clearly what you’re expecting to happen and when … and what’s happening instead.

Hello Mark Greaves
I’m sorry that the topic makes no sense and that my explanations are not clear.
I attempted to put Linux on my laptop by following the on screen instructions on the Linux website - unsuccessfully.
I thought that Linux was a user friendly alternative to Microsoft et al. - clearly I was mistaken.
I am sorry to have troubled you.

Can you post the specs of your laptop - how you created the Ubuntu install disk - how you attempted to boot the laptop from said disk? Did you set the laptop BIOS to boot from a DVD?

This information will greatly help you getting a meaningful response! Hope this helps,


It looks like the Welcome Screen for Ubuntu 18.04 might be a temporary thing to get things set up.

[b]Ubuntu itself never used a welcome screen[/b], but with the forthcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release things change in this regard. The new welcome screen in Bionic Beaver will help new and returning users better understand how the brand-new GNOME user interface works, as well as to set up things like Canonical Livepatch.


You can re-run this app by opening a terminal with CTRL-ALT-T and entering the following:

/usr/lib/gnome-initial-setup/gnome-initial-setup --existing-user

Hi Rich
Thanks so much for your reply. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5759, x64 based PC. Processor - Intel (R) Core ™ i5-6200u CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2401 MHz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s), SMBIOS version 2.8, Bios mode UEFI.
I copied and pasted the Ubuntu 18.04 file from my hard drive to the DVD Drive (and I’m now beginning to think this was my first mistake)
I replaced the disk in the machine and restarted it (no welcome screen, just a Yahoo web page)
I didn’t set the laptop to boot from a DVD (not sure how to)
Thanks for your support - I think the best thing I can do is to go back to the Ubuntu tutorials on burning a DVD.

As you have no doubt discovered, there are many ‘flavours’ of Linux about! FWIW, as a newbie, I would stick to the more mainstream distros - I use Mint (based on Ubuntu and with access to all of it’s repositories). Mark is a developer for Peppermint - another good one. There’s plenty of choice about but you can get confused easily - I did! I depends on what you want personally. The great thing about Linux is it is entirely ‘yours’ - you can add or subtract elements as you wish and tailor it exactly to your own requirements - a great bonus when you get more into it. Come back here when you need more advice and you’ll soon be on the right track! Oh, and welcome to the ‘club’!