Not able to overclock Nvidia card?

Hi guys!

First of all, i know this is on my own risk and it is me who is fiddling around with my Nvidia card. So please, no lectures!

I try to overclock my Nvidia card just for fun and experimenting. I’m running Mint 17.2 Xfce and following this instruction. But i don’t see the GPU Fan setting button under Thermal Settings nor do i see the Enable Overclocking option.

My nvidia card is the GeForce 8400GS (in a desktop system connected to my flatscreen tv). Has this type of videocard a limitation for overclocking? Did someone overclock this card?

Thanks for your assistance!

That’s a pretty low power card, assuming your flatscreen is 720p or even 1080p, I doubt you’ll notice the difference with an overclock. On stock cooling, you’d be lucky to get 10% out of it, which is probably like going from 10fps to 11fps (i.e. still crap). Apart from budget, is there anything stopping you from buying a better GPU?

This is a bit cheeky, but can I recommend another forum that may be of use -

Also - nice laptop :slight_smile: It’s the same spec as mine (from PCSpecialist though)

Thanks for your reply.

beside the spec’s of my flatscreen tv i just wanna play with that desktop system. It was at the time i bought it pretty much a midrange system but now very low-spec. So for me there’s no problem when i scren 1 or 2 things up, when i overclock my nvidia card. Maybe because it is a low power card i see some restrictions in using that particular tip.

Thanks for the link, i’ll check it out!