Not an ebuyer (or windows) advert

Whilst I don’t want to advertise for ebuyer unnecessarily (or Windows for that matter) … I find this deal amazing:

Zoostorm Desktop PC

Intel Celeron Dual Core 1037U
mATX Case
Windows 8.1 64bit

Trade in an old PC and get this one for £99.99 … With a copy of Win8.1 64bit … Hell, how much is Win8.1 ?

Seems to me they’re saying “buy Win8 and get a free PC”

That’s a master stroke and could even get Win8 moving :slight_smile:

I once repaired a friends Zoostorm PC and it was cheapest looking PC I’d ever set eyes on and completely un-upgradable, in fairness it may have been a low end version so I know it’s maybe not fair to judge all Zoostorm PC’s on that particular one but it didn’t give me a good impression of Zoostorm in general

As far as Windows 8.1 is concerned they couldn’t pay me to use that crap

They’re actually selling another Zoostorm PC with what looks like exactly the same spec without any OS for £10 less (same price with a trade in) so I make that they’re paying you £10 to use Windows 8.1 ???


I do not want to knock Zoostorm but that IMHO does not constitutes a good deal (maybe if you want Win8). The spec is extremely low and most 5 year old PCs would run rings around it performance wise. Heck I do not consider my PC old at 5 years (eight or nine maybe) and would not replace it until it is beyond repair.

Agreed, but my point was IT COMES WITH WIN8 … which effectively makes it free.

I had a little devil on my shoulder telling me that it was a Microsoft sales scam to get Win8 moving … buy Win8 and get a free PC :slight_smile:

buy Win8 and get a free PC
You could be onto something, except Zoostorm was doing this (similar) trade in offer for sometime. I dismissed it then because I did not have anything new enough to trade in. :)

My parents still have an 800MHz AMD Duron PC in a cupboard somewhere, does that qualify? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’d be 99% sure it’s got secure boot enabled, so you can’t install Linux freely anyway (I know some distros can be installed on secure boot, not ideal though)

My parents still have an 800MHz AMD Duron PC in a cupboard somewhere, does that qualify? :P

I do not think so, it has to be less than 5 years old :wink: