not beeing able to see anything

If you put a # before that line, it will be ignored (commented out)… so you can either comment out the line you added previously (with a #) and add a whole new line, or just edit the line you originally added.

but you MUST run:

sudo update-grub

after you have saved the changes.

the line needs to read:


Without an #

i thinked it worked XD
it is usable from a distance as well thanks man your help realy helped thanks again

No problem… if you decide at some stage you want to try generating an xorg.conf, which may allow you to change resolutions from the monitor preferences… just gimme a shout :slight_smile:

BTW, If I were you, I’d seriously consider investing in an nVidia graphics card … the older Intel GFX chips suck, and the newer ones aren’t much better :wink:

nVidia cards have BY FAR the best Linux driver support … as do HP Printers and All-In-Ones.

i will do maybe tomorrow
and i’m using this old pc just to get used to ubuntu and i might by an laptop for it does it work on any net book

Yeh, it will work on most netbooks/laptops without issue, but obvoiusly some are better supported than others, so it would be a good idea to ask about a specific model before you buy.

With netbooks/laptops, same rules of thumb apply… nVidia graphics chips are the best supported, but pretty much any will work to varying degree’s… steer clear of Intel GMA 500 Poulsbo graphics chipped netbooks.

Other than that, pretty much anything can be made to work… indeed most hardware will “just work”.

But as I said, probably best to ask before buying.