Not posted in a while.

Greetings to everyone on the forum.I havent posted in a while(since August) but I have been busy on holiday and working away from home.My linux system is still working fine.didnt really get my printer problem solved but I am using my Lexmark C738 to print from Windows as the storeman in my work gave me a supply of cartridges for it and once they run out,(got about a years supply at normal usage) then its back to the drawing board. I havent had any other probs running Linux and in fact,a couple of people in my work have started using it on my advice.One piece of info which may be of passing interest to the forum users.The company I work for have recently started selling Samsung printers and with each printer they(Samsung) are supplying a Windows install disc and also a dedicated Linux install disc,as a lot of companies are beginning to use Linux to save on costs.I may consider a Samsung myself when the Lexmark cartrides run out.
Regards Kenny

Interesting! The only company who’s made an effort historically is HP … you never know, once a couple more start adding support, they may all do it (!)


Nice to see a printer manufacturer including Linux drivers on a disk (in box), I’m not even sure HP do that (?)

Wil be interesting to see how good the drivers are… if they’ve put any effort into them (as HP) or are just jumping on the Linux bandwagon with very basic support.

Either way, it’s a recognition that Linux is on the rise.

so… not much longer till we take over the world? sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux and OSS have already taken over the world… just quietly… think; servers, android phones, Linux phones, router firmware, cameras, in car entertainment and probably other systems (?), MP3 players, NAS, Multimedia centres, TiVo’s, DVD players/recorders, set top boxes, energy companies smart meters, even an exercise bike that had a small computer so people could race against it… the list goes on, and is growing daily.

and that’s just a short list of “hardware” using Linux and/or OSS… then there’s the OSS software being used on Windows/Mac/Other systems such as Apache, MySQL, Firefox, OpenOffice, VLC, etc. again the list is endless.

Just the desktop left to crack really :wink:


It seems it’s always every year somebody says it’s the ‘Year of the desktop’…

I have no doubt it will happen, but not because “users” suddenly wake up… more because Linux/OSS will be all that’s left once OSS eats away corporate closed source profits.

But I’m not going to put a time scale on it, and I certainly wouldn’t be daft enough to say “this is the year of the Linux desktop” :wink:

Linux may not even be recognisable by then… indeed it may not be Linux at all, but it’s a likely candidate as starting point.

:: This is not the year of the Linux desktop, this is the year of the linux mobile phone, we’re saving the desktop for now … :wink: