Not seeking help really, just an observation

I have been using Linux Mint and Ubuntu now exclusively for about ten years. I love them…apart from the never ending, constant inability of all the Linux systems I have used to talk to printers wirelessly. It drives me round the bend, totally inconsistent, sometimes they’ll print, sometimes not - I have had Brother, HP, Epsom and Canon, inkjet and laser…easy to print? Not on your nelly! When are the developers going to borrow a leaf from Microsoft and develop an o/s that automatically speaks to all printers at ALL times. As for wireless scanning? FORGET IT! I have totally given up on THAT one!
Is this one reason why Windows has universal appeal?
We are not all geeky IT boffins who talk only in binary - we are customers who just want a computer to do it’s job without the hassle of messing around all day pleading and begging it to perform.
Linux please take note.

I’m sorry you have been having so much trouble. I, also, have been using Linux for about ten years and have had difficulty with only one printer. Many printer manufacturers don’t support Linux very well so the the Linux community itself writes drivers for them, and this can take a while.

By far the best manufacturer is HP who support Linux very well indeed and provides the “HP Linux Imaging & Printing” system which you can download here: HP Developers Portal | HP Linux Imaging and Printing. It is an excellent HP printer manager and will find your HP printer wirelessly.

I am assuming that you have checked that your printer has been set up to see the router! You’d be surprised how many people forget that and just assume that it connects itself.

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PS. I have changed a dubious word in your post!

Printing problems are not confined to Linux - try ‘googling’ printer problems in Windows… :wink:

Keith is correct. Manufacturers generally don’t support Linux very well so it’s down to the community to provide driver software, which they do, for free… On top of that, there are so many different models by so many manufactures that require specific drivers per model so it’s not surprising that some types slip through the net and give problems. A good rule of thumb before purchase, is to research makes and models with specific reference to Linux then most issues can be avoided. I speak from experience! I blind bought a Samsung colour laser that played up constantly and was also a devil to refill with toner (a particular bugbear of mine) before switching to a Brother laser - much more user-friendly and worked straight out of the box. A little forethought on my part would have saved me years of hassle and lots of cash! :wink:

As for Linux - I too am into it over 10yrs and counting and, while there have been glitches (mostly of my own, ham-fisted making), my issues have been very few and far between. I did the rounds of distro’s before settling on Mint which I find suits my needs perfectly. I am by no stretch a ‘boffin’, just an average user who gives thanks that there are ‘boffins’ out there who generously give of their time and expertise to provide a remarkable, safe and secure operating system that has cost me nothing at all. Any quirks I might encounter are a small price to pay, weighed against that. Not having a go, just my opinion …

i may be mistaken, but I don’t think that Microsoft does support printers. The hardware drivers available to install on Windows are, I believe, provided by the manufacturers. I’ve had no problems with HP or Samsung, but then I don’t use wireless technology — you can’t go far wrong with a cable!

Yes, but I am talking about wireless connection.

I still maintain that there is a problem - Mint won’t print a PDF file though Ubuntu does. To get Mint to print a PDF I have to copy and paste it onto an email attachment and send it to myself! The only way I get consistent results is to print via a Win partition.