odd file name behaviour

I extracted the contents of an iso file and noted that every file extracted has ;1 appended to its name. This is new (not seen this behaviour prior to a few days ago) and is very annoying when a lot of files need renaming afterwards.

Does anyone know what this is and why it’s happening and how I make it stop?

How did you extract the ISO ?

Does this happen with ALL archives, only ISO’s, or only that particular ISO ?

As the GUI whore that I am - right click > Extract (Nautilus, SalixOS 32bit based on slackware 13.37).

OK, seems to be a known issue with “Archive Mounter”, and in some cases “Archive Manager” … see here:


Is there any chance these are UDF images ?

Apparently gmountiso works fine, so does mounting them from the CLI ???

Ahh, nice one.

Have installed isomaster, which produces contents as expected.

Many thanks.

Not a problem :slight_smile: … seems it’s probably a bug in libarchive (3.0.3 ?), there’s a version 3.0.4 at libarchive.github.com, but 3.1 is due for release soon.
(they made some changes to the way libarchive handles ISO’s in version 3.0.3)

The issue has been raised at the libarchive projects “issues” page … see issue 233 here: