Ogg in windows? SOLVED

I sent my pal an ogg file of me playing piano- which is the best way she can listen to it? What would play it? Or can I convert it to mp3? It is off my sound recorder.

Hi Melissa

Without knowing how your friend intends to listen to it it’s difficult to comment but If your friend is gonna be playing it on a PC (if so I assume it would be a Windows PC) Windows Media Player might play it I’m not really sure but VLC would almost certainly play it VLC is free to download and available for Windows as well as Linux.

Tell her to install VLC which can play OGG Vorbis, Theoora, and Speex formats.

As suggested here:

VLC dowload page for windows:

Another option would be to install the directshow filters from here:
Then the windows media player should be able to play them

Thanks guys- she uses Windows 8.

Thanks guys- she uses Windows 8.

Well give her our deepest sympathy, ;D

I think VLC would be her best bet

Good luck


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I’ll tell her that lol

We should not mock the afflicted :wink:

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