ok im stuck again, What Mount Point to select?

80gb hdd = linux
200gb hdd= win (for 4games only)

i have selected ext4 journaling filke system and beginning,

what mount point i use now?


Would you like to explain what it is you’re doing?
(otherwise your question is unanswerable)

[or should this be part of another thread?]

yeah my other 2 topics, but i thort id start a new one for confusion, i am revising on them 3 posts,

basicly im doing my pc

80gig hdd for linux mint 9
200gig for windows (just to run World warcraft and 4story )

and im stuck on i did what pc dude said, and set it to ext4, but now it asks mount point too, and i dont know what to do to be able to boot up windows for my games when i want toplay,
otherwise i want all my pc time on linux and only gameing on my windows, (i hate windows lol minimum as poss)

and i want to be able to upgrade mint with out much complications at a later date if poss, and not have to instal all my hardware again


mark knows what im doing im folloing him

Easiest way would be not to go into the advanced options in gparted but to just tell it to use the whole drive and it will create the parttions and mount points for you.

or you could create 3 partitions…
say 50gig ext4 mounted as /home
28gig ext4 mounted as /
and 2gig swap (ideally swap should be twice the amount of RAM installed)

whats the swap bit? that what enables me to get on my 2nd hdd??

is 50 enough for linux? and im guessing thats so i can upgrade later? lol
i mean i wil be instaling my linux stuff to the xp hdd right? cause thats wherre the room is

dont wana do it too small lol,

otherwise im to
50 linux ext 4 /home for doc and settings
28 ext4 / for all other install
2gig swap to get on my windows hdd (that i just do a normal everyday install for)(swap hdd over ofc)

and im guessing after this i have my linux 80 hdd as master and windows as slave?

this right now?
and after this if i upgrade mint9 to say ubuntu or some other from linux distro i guess i only need to instal over the 50gig partition and leave the rest??

Swap is the same as Virtual Memory in Windows.

/ is where (most of) Linux will be installed

/home will be where “your” user files are stored

so if you decide to change to Ubuntu you will only have to format /
and remount /home whilst installing Ubuntu to /