Ok, so why Librre Office?

I’ve been using Open Office now for some time. I even used on Windows (sorry for the swear word Mods) :wink:
So now comes along Libre Office. Why would I switch to it? Open Office has been providing me with a great service for years and I feel a loyalty to it.

I am with you on this one. I use open office on other computers but on 11.4 you get Librre and no options to install Open Office.

Any one know how to remove Librre and install Open Office.

For one thing LibreOffice still supports the M$ Office 2007/2010 .docx format… the newer OpenOffice doesn’t… see here:

Another is that LibreOffice is under MUCH more active development than OpenOffice.

And yet another, is that IMHO, OpenOffice is dying/already dead… Oracle have become the pariah of the open source world, and are having real problems attracting developers… they all left to go to LibreOffice… which is why Oracle are trying to get Apache to take over OpenOffice.

It is however possible to remove LibreOffice and install OpenOffice in 11.04… it’s in the repo’s… though god knows why you would want to.

ALL major Linux distro’s are now backing LibreOffice.

There are doubts about the stability of OpenOffice . Oracle whilst claiming that they will support OOo want to hive if off to a new organisation. It was reported in Linux Format (LXF146) that Oracle began alienating open source developers so much so that the developers jumped ship and forked the entire suite into LibreOffice.

With than in mind you might be better accepting LibreOffice as the developers are determined to improved the suite. I don’t know what is offered on Natty but currently version 3.4 is on offer from their site.

It it totally up to you on which way you wish to go but as there is some doubt perhaps the switch to Libre might be advisable.

And the best reason to use LibreOffice… Oracle are a bunch of $&%*ers :wink:

FYI, Natty ATM, has LO 3.3 in the repos… may be updated to 3.4 soon though.

As for “loyalty”… maybe to Sun, but not to Oracle.

Oracle are a bunch of $&%*ers ;)

OK I get the message. :wink:

OK I will see how it works out, was just getting to grips with OO.

Thanks for info.


With Libre being the majority of the developers of OOo you should have no problem. As Mark has said Libre offers more than OO and I would expect that with Oracle attempting to dump OO your best bet is to switch now.

I switched earlier to Libre and have yet to notice anything that would cause me concern. My only gripe is that they do not have a proper forum where matters can be raised.

In the words Dads Army - DONT PANIC

I thought that was on the cover of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…