[ON HOLD] New install of Kubuntu 16.04 and I'm completely lost

What have I stepped into!!!
Am I using the Linux equivalent of Window$10 or what!

It’s completely changed, I can’t find anything!

Where’s Muon Update Manager
… Muon Package Manager

How do I find stuff to install which I easily found in Muon Package Manager.

No idea … can’t you just install muon ?

sudo apt-get install muon

I ended up installing Synaptic Package Manager but might remove it and install Muon as it deals more with Kubuntu.
Good idea, thanks Mark.

I think the reason I ended up installing Synaptic was ‘Discover’ came up blank when searching for ‘muon’.

muon should be installable, because it’s in the 16.04 repos.


Well, as I said in my last post, ‘Discover’, the new ‘installer medium’ does not show any results when searching for ‘muon’. I had to install muon using the commands in terminal.

Well “Discover” is either dumber or smarter then … depending on your viewpoint :slight_smile:

I installed Muon via another method, can’t remember if it was via terminal or not!

I looked back at previous posts and it was via terminal (see post #2)