On/Off icon dissapeared from desktop!

I don’t know what’s happened but my on/off icon has disappeared from my desktop. Any ideas?

Ubuntu 10.10 Toshiba Equium 2g Dual core.

Try this:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall indicator-session

then reboot:

sudo reboot

Done what you advised Mark but it is still missing! I can switch on and off via the system menu but, it’s just strange.

OK, right click on an empty space on your top panel… select “Add to panel”… select “Indicator Applet Session”… click “Add”

that should add it back… now if it isn’t on the right, right-click the new power button icon,and select “move”… drag it to the right.

Once it is where you want it, right-click it and select “Lock to panel”

Thanks, back where it was. :slight_smile:

Now I know how I did it! :-[

I tried to remove the chat icon and it would seem that I removed the on/off switch…dumbo!

:slight_smile: … You live and learn :wink:

You could remove the “Indicator Applet Session” applet, and add a “Shut Down…” applet.

but only on a single user system, as that doesn’t allow you to log off and switch user.

It just offers - Shutdown, Restart, Suspend, and Hibernate.

That would effectively remove the “Chat” icon :slight_smile:

Thanks again. :slight_smile: