ONe Note

Having a problem loading One Note in Wine, I would prefer an equivalent if there is one, if not has anyone have any suggestions so that I can be rid of Vista?
I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and only need Vista for One Note which I use often.
Thanks in advance.


Depending on what you use OneNote for you could take a look at the basket package… available in the Ubuntu repo’s… it’s a KDE app, but seems to work fine in GNOME.

If you use it under GNOME, and want to edit pics ‘in situ’… you’ll need to change the default editing app from kolourpaint to something like gimp in the settings.

I’m not a OneNote user, so can’t say how similar it is… but it seems to be ‘roughly’ equivalent, including sharing… but don’t expect it to share with OneNote users (onenote uses a proprietary format .one)… even a system tray icon (if you want).

More info here:
Screenshots here:

Thanks,I have already loaded Basket and will give it a try. Still as Office 2007 is already paid for its a shame it won’t start in Wine.
I will keep trying.


Lots of potential alternatives depending on what you use it for … try these for a start;

I’ve tried rednotebook… didn’t like it at all… nearly impossible to format notes the way you want, and importing pics wasn’t straight forward.

Just “My” opinion though.

Thanks again for the info, I will give some of these a try and hopefully be happy with one.


Still as Office 2007 is already paid for its a shame it won’t start in Wine

That’s what eBay is for! :slight_smile:

Hmm… I wonder where you would stand legally reselling Office 2007… I don’t think M$ are allowed to sell it any more

Well, I think the answer is that if there’s a “problem”, ultimately the bill will go back to M$ … as they’re the ones who [allegedly] infringed upon someone else’s IP.

I was kidding… just thought if M$ can spread FUD… :wink:

Hey, you might be kidding, but I didn’t say you were wrong … (!) ;D