Opencart for Linux?

Is there a version of Opencart for Linux?

It’s a php webserver app … so not really OS specific.

See the “install.txt” file.

Next question :wink:

Next question! Do you know any good links on how to use it? The ones I found on youtube where 3 years old.

“use” or “install” ?

Use. Please

Erm … I’m confused by what you mean then.

Use as in ?


Here’s their documentation:

What I am saying is …I would like to be able to produce and service a website from it. Im sorry I should have made myself clearer.
Just a novice you see. :wink:

Well yeh, that’s what it’s for … bung it on your webhost, and configure it from the Admin panel (across the web).

You really need to read the documentation I linked to.

I apologize for not reading the link. I will have more time tomorrow.

No need to apologise my friend … that wasn’t an RTFM, just a suggestion that most of your questions will be answered in there :wink:

Cheers Mark. If I ask a question I should at least read the reply properly.
Weekend reading me thinks. :slight_smile:

Now I have read the link I understand what it is and does. You must think I’m bl??dy stupid.


Not me … there are NO stupid questions on here :wink:

We’ve all misunderstood stuff before … and no doubt will again.


Remember … all the stupid people AREN’T members of this forum :wink:

Political correctness dictates that I point out the above statement does NOT mean that anyone that’s not a member of this forum is stupid … but if you want to be SURE, start using Linux and join :slight_smile: