Opening folders in Dolphin

I’m just curious as to whether there is a way to open all folders (and sub-folders) of a directory in one go.
Can it be done by using a script or something?

If so, how…

Heck!, this must be a hard question to answer. Not even a ‘No, you can’t do that’
I cant believe no-one has even attempted to answer this or even make a comment…

Perhaps this might help?

I could probably give you a command to do it but it would require you to manually state the path to the root of where you would like to start opening directories from.

BUT, I’d advise against it as you could easily end up opening hundreds of Dolphin instances where there are a lot of subdirs

Think how many Dolphin windows would open if you accidentally ran the command on / … every directory on the system would open a Dolphin window (literally thousands of em) :o

Something like this would do probably it

for i in $( find /path/to/starting/directory/ -type d -print ); do dolphin $i; done

but be VERY careful, that will open a new instance of Dolphin for EVERY directory and EVERY sub-directory (including subdirs of subdirs) from your starting point.