Opening tabs for devices

Is there a limit as to how many tabs I can have open re opening them for devices as mine keep ‘crashing’ after opening 7 in 1 window.

tabs for devices ??

tabs in what ?


If you mean in the nautilus file manager … there was an issue with nautilus crashing in 11.10 which I assumed was fixed but could be wrong.

The fix was to (if present) delete ~/.nautilus with:

rm -rf ~/.nautilus

and completely uninstall the nautilus-open-terminal plugin with:

sudo apt-get remove --purge nautilus-open-terminal


If you absolutely MUST have the “Open Terminal Here” option … there is supposed to be a workaround using a script rather than the nautilus plugin here:

Don’t ask me how well this works though :slight_smile:

Another known issue that only seemed to apply to the Gnome (Classic) desktop in 11.10 was that nautilus sometimes crashed because of the Ubuntu One client … so if you don’t use Ubuntu One, you can uninstall the client with:

sudo apt-get remove ubuntuone-client-gnome

Sorry, I meant these tabs;

I’ll uninstall Ubuntu One as I don’t use it, ta.