Openmediavault on Banana Pi - Repeating Error Message

I have a Banana Pi that runs a NAS over Samba and FTP, there are no plugins installed and now the web interface is completely blank.
I connected a monitor and keyboard and whenever I try to load the Web interface it comes up with this error:

EXT4-fs error (device mmcblkOp2): ext4_ext_check_inode:432: inode #139984: comm omv-engined: bad header?extent: invalid magic - magic f30b … max 4(0), depth 0(0)

(A portion of the error message isn’t shown because the Banana Pi doesn’t fit the resolution of the screen correctly)

Try running fsck on the SDcard (you’re going to need to do this from a Linux PC unless the banana can boot from another device such as a LiveUSB stick), it may fix the file system error but it’s most likely simply a failing SDcard.