Operating Systems and the choice of...

I was browsing the web and found some stories on eBuyer £1 sale fail: Customers vent fury... on Facebook • The Register relating to eBuyer and eventually clicked on a link to a rival site MoreCoCo.co.uk - Gadgets, Components, Gaming, Mobile Phones and Cameras and decided to have a look at ‘Software’ / ‘Operating systems’ and all I saw was Windows.

What I think they should be forced, YES - FORCED to put up links to all the other FREE O/S such as Ubuntu. Why should M$ have a monopoly on operating systems when there are alternatives out there. Isn’t there some governing body or watchdog that we could complain to about the lack of advertised choice of O/S available.

Though I would like to see Linux advertised as much as the others, I’m not sure legislation is the way forward … I’d expect that would just annoy the small businesses forced to offer something that “at present” they don’t know how to monetize.

Haven’t you heard, western style free market economies governed by market forces are the only ones that work (sarcasm) :wink:

Schools … now that’s another story, I think schools should be forced to “include” Linux and OSS … which would be a better way of raising awareness, and give students a better footing for the real world where Linux/OSS is heavily used … not to mention the savings to the tax payer.

If/when kids start to take an active interest … the parents, then business will soon follow :slight_smile:

Nothing to stop anyone writing to their MP and explaining the benefits/savings, then asking them to push Linux/OSS in schools … heck, with all the “belt tightening” that’s going on ATM, now may be the best time for it.

OK, Had a quick look on that link and found precisely 12 linux OS By HP and 3 off Apple OS X
out of 129, the rest was Windows (with In stock disabled)

I agree with the need for the education to be educated in respect of other Operating Systems.
Some [url=Linux Schools Project] have already taken steps to try to break the vendor lock in.

Projects such as Linux for schools, LTSP, Moodle, etc. are all amazing and admirable projects and are making good headway … but I’d like to see more “front end” exposure to Linux/OSS in schools.

ATM these projects are all server room projects, where 90% of the users don’t even realise they are using Linux, because their desktop environment is still Windows … most users end up thinking “isn’t Windows good, it can do all this stuff”.

I want to see Linux on the desktop of some PC’s/Terminals in schools.

Same with Hospitals, all NHS basically
B&Q for one use Windows

Each have to buy licences.
There are around 350 B&Q stores and there’s at a rough guess, 50 PC’s in each store… 17.500 PC’s in total… about £90 a license…£1.575,000 for INDIVIDUAL licenses. I don’t know what it would cost for bulk licenses.

I daren’t hazard a guess for the NHS, theres Councils too, and The Government, as you said, Schools (I remember when they had BBC Micro’s lol)
… Imagine the savings