Oracle better have a good explanation.

I really don’t understand why this happens, and I’m not the only person who’s been affected by this. It seem that Virtualbox as of late has had some kind of very strange bug. The bug is, that after some time of crashing and chewing up every little resource your CPU has left to offer, it locks up your whole computer and I’m not just talking a little lock-up either. This lock-up is pretty big, infact I think it may even be a kernel panic more than anything. It happened to me yet again just 5 minutes ago when trying to test out Oneiric for the second time and I can’t even install it without Virtualbox eating all what’s left of my CPU and then going bizerk. Here’s what I’ve noticed when this happens:

Both REISUB & REISUO don’t work to try unlock it.
My CAPS light flashes.
My HDD state light goes out.
Both of my monitors loose connection to the computer.
There is still sound playing when this lock-up happens.

So who wants to take a crack and help me and other solve this? :frowning: I want to test Gnome 3 already.

P.S. Before you ask, yes I have tried setting different amounts of CPU usage allowed, doesn’t make any difference.

Yup, flashing Caps Lock is a certain sign of a kernel panic.

have to got the dkms package installed ?

Didn’t you say in another topic that you were using the 3D graphics plugin … which I’m pretty sure is clearly marked as experimental ? :wink:

Try using KVM/virt-manager instead if your CPU supports it.

Dkms is installed, yes. The 3D plug-in is installed, but I switched it off months ago because it was slowing a couple of things down.

KVM wise, my CPU isn’t supported even though it’s 64-bit.

It’s nothing to do with it being 64bit … it’s related to its support of hardware virtualization.

You could try VMware Player:

Can’t say I’ve used it myself though.

I don’t know if I want to venture into the wild. I may read up on it first.

I’ve just tested VMware Player 4.0 myself … during the guest OS installation it used more system resources than Virtualbox … BUT, once the guest is installed running it in VMware Player seemed to use far less resources than in Virtualbox.

I see… so what your saying is: Go and install your guest OS of choice, watch TV and when you get back it’ll be done? :stuck_out_tongue:

The guest OS installed as quickly as it did in Vbox, but during the installation the rest of the system ran VERY slowly … so I suppose YES :slight_smile:

Well I’m currently in the process of install VMware Player 4 just now, it’s currently configuring files.
I might as well be a guinea pig.

Huh ? … surely I was the guinea pig :slight_smile: … it works for me.

Doesn’t work for me, I just had another kernel panic. So it must be hardware/kernel related. Because it can’t be Oracle/VMware. That’s two virtual machine program apps both crashes / caused kernel panic when trying to install Oneiric?

Try going back to the original kernel and/or try the kernel boot parameter I posted in your other topic:;topicseen#new

In Virtualbox try this …

Settings->System->Mother Board->Enable IO APIC