Orange internet dongle.....I can't set it up.

Any help to try and setup my Orange Internet anywhere dongle would be appreciated. It boots up under windows and installs drivers, programmes etc.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry I should have said…I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 for netbook.

See here:

Obviously, change “3 internet” to "Orange"etc.

Any problems… let us know the dongle’s make and model number.

To begin with you might have to check your bios boot order on your laptop by either clicking f2 or del on boot - if it is cd first - and hard-drive second - then you must put hard drive first - because otherwise your ubuntu might be picking it up as a cd - causing the ubuntu not to detect it properly - because if you go to your network wifi mobile settings - you will find it has not really detected your dongle version if your bios starts with cd.

this might sound like strange advice - but try it

Thanks everyone. I wont have chance to try it till tommorow, I will let you know.

Hello. still having problems. I followed your link and My HUWAEI E1752 HSPA dongle is not listed neither does it show up in a drop down menu (nothing does) I need to try and get this up and running so I can unshackle the last remaing Windows laptop I have left.

Try installing the usb-modeswitch package:

sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch

then unplug the dongle, wait a few seconds, and replug it… now see if it is detected in networkmanager as a 3G Modem.

Let us know how you get on.


if it doesn’t work, can you send us the output from:


make sure the dongle is plugged in when you run that command.

and let us know if you are still using Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx)… it helps to give this info with ALL new questions :wink:

Installed usb-modeswitch…up and running in seconds, a big thanks. :slight_smile: