Orgniser program for Ubuntu Gome

Hi all.
Can anyone recommend a calender organizer program that I can add alarms and reminders to. Ideally I would also like to link it to my phone (samsung galaxy Ace).



This any good to you ?

Thanks but I am probably more old fashioned than him. I don’t want Google any where near my calender or the data within it. I would rather do without sync-ing them together.
I don’t like the way Google collects info about every thing you and I do on the net and on my phone. I have most of the info collecting things turned off, or all that I can find. The dam thing even tracked where I go and how I used the phone when it is turned on or it did untill I found out how to turn that part off. >:( >:( Sorry rant over.

I will keep looking for now and do with out it on the phone (sticking to paper diary).

There are plenty of calendars/organisers for Ubuntu … but I’ve never tried getting any of them to work with Android.

May have sommat to do with not having an Android phone (or any other smartphone) :wink:

So if we forget the phone bit, what is a good one to try?

I cannot advise on a calendaring application (do not use it and also have no smartphone) but here is a round up of some of them:

Well if you use thunderbird, why not just give the “lightning” plugin a go:

or there’s a light (but very simple “reminder” application tkreminder

sudo apt-get install tkreminder

Or revert to Evolution instead of Thunderbird … which has a calendar built in that works with the Gnome shell.

Someone called Erick Pérez (one of the Gnome devs) is working on a “Gnome Calendar” … which isn’t supposed to be too far off … see here:

I suppose there’s nothing stopping you trying Korganizer (in the software repos) but expect it to drag in a LOT of KDE libraries too.

Thanks all. I will be having a look at them.


No problem … let us know if any of them fit the bill.

Hi. Finally got round to trying the tkreminder and got this in the terminal. What went wrong?

mark@mark-Aspire-5755G:~$ sudo apt-get install tkreminder
[sudo] password for mark:
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package tkreminder

My apologies … it’s called tkremind, not tkreminder … try:

sudo atp-get install tkremind


Hi. Tried that and got

mark@mark-Aspire-5755G:~$ sudo atp-get install tkremind
[sudo] password for mark:
sudo: atp-get: command not found


Hi SeZo.

I cannot get the link to work or find Could you post it again?


There’s no point in SeZo posting the link again … the link worked fine, it must be their web server is down or they’ve got rid of the page.

If you go here:

you,ll see the link at the top … but it’s broken