Oscar-Winning Video Editor ‘Lightworks’ To Land On Linux In December

Looks like the first proper non-linear video editor is coming to Linux. This program right here was used to make the recent films, “The King’s Speech”, “Hugo” & “Hanna”.
I’m really excited for this, obviously a couple of reasons why:

I’m a hardcore video editor, so bringing this program to Linux makes me even more happier and mean I’m just one step closer of removing Windows completely :smiley:
This helps with Linux’s support of big name companies, and actually gives smaller businesses with competitive products to have a chance.

There are some drawbacks however. The program is only going to be “Open-core” which means it’ll only give out some of it’s source code. For some rendering’s you’ll have to pay to be at least an Educational account, which is only 20 pounds (not bad).

Instead of me yapping on, go read the article at OMGUbuntu!

Seems fair to me… you can’t expect everything for free :wink: support from leading software companies, commercial or not :slight_smile:

Though I suppose this was bound to happen, Linux is being used more and more for commercial film production… specially in generating animated films, or FX rendering (simply because Linux scales so well to huge multi-processor setups)… so I suppose it was only a matter of time till someone stepped in with a commercial professional grade editing suite :slight_smile:

This is old but gives you some idea how Linux is taking hollywood by storm:

Wow, I guess I’ll be able to make higher quality films then once I get some proper gear. Now I just have to find a way to capture video using my Dazzel DVC 100.


I have a systom from DVC that is using a Matrox RTX100 card and Adobe premier Pro. What is Lightworks going to cost? do we know if it will be compatable.
It’s about time I used the dam thing more.

Dunno … but there is a Windows (beta) available …
It does require registration.