Pale Moon browser (SOLVED)

Good morning All!

I’ve downloaded the above into Zorin o/s on my Dell lappy and it runs ok from terminal. I would like to add it to the menu and taskbar but there’s no obvious way to do this.

Any clues please?



How did you install it? Normally, when you install from a repository, it should automatically add it in

It’s not available through the repo’s, I got it direct from the PM site - though it is a Linux version. It’s a ‘lite’ version of Firefox but will allow all of Ff’s bells and whistles if required.

I installed it through Terminal and it starts in the same manner but I’d like to get it into the internet section of the menu if possible. There is a ‘browser manager’ in the menu but no sign of Pale Moon. Zorin (Ubuntu based) is a bit quirky when pinning apps to the taskbar. Normally, in Ubuntu, you simply right-click on an app and then ‘pin to taskbar’. In Zorin, you have to run the app, minimize it, then pin to the bar from there. Of course, the app has to be in the menu in the first place ::slight_smile:

Minimizing PM and then right-clicking brings up an option to ‘create a custom launcher’ that would probably work but it requires a command string that is presently beyond my capabilities! :wink:

PM does run very well and is stable and (so far anyway) seems to be a viable and less resource-hungry alternative to the full-fat browser that FFox has become.


Looking on the web, it appears that there isn’t a PPA, as the Linux port is a bit of an afterthought (Pale Moon is primarily a Windows browser). You can only hope that the developers start one, or look at a different Firefox clone that does have a PPA

If it works from the terminal, post the command you need to use to run it … and I’ll tell you how to create a menu entry.

Hi Mark - and thanks.

All it needs is palemoon at the prompt, then hit enter - no sudo or anything else. The downside of doing it this way is you need that instance of terminal to remain open for PM to continue running.

It’s a bit of a weird one as PM is a fork of Firefox and is derived from Ff’s kernel. Pretty much any addon from Ff can be added to PM and will work in it! PM was originally written for Windows so this might have a bearing but Ff works fine in Linux, straight out of the box? Like I said - weird!


EDIT: Whoa!!! I’d just posted this (in Pale Moon) then went to shut it down. The icon sat in the taskbar so I right-clicked it to check the options one last time and there was ‘pin application’!!! :o I did and it has… ??? ??? Go figure, as they say!

Mark - could you please post the instructions anyway, just in case?

Thanks everyone!


OK, I take it you mean the dock bar, not the menu ?

OK, to add it to the menu, run:

gedit /usr/share/applications/custom-palemoon.desktop

and make it read

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Palemoon Web Browser
Comment=Browse the World Wide Web
Exec=palemoon %u

SAVE the file

Now check your “Internet” menu for “Palemoon Web Browser”

Spot on, Mark! Works a treat - thanks very much!


EDIT: How do I mark a thread as ‘solved’, please?

How do I mark a thread as 'solved', please?

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Thanks SeZo, much obliged! :wink: