Panel icons have moved from right to left (SOLVED)

When I logged in today I notice the icons at the bottom of the screen have moved from right to left.
Have I upset something ? Can I get them back to where they were ?

In PM5 right click on panel and open up Panel preferences. You will see position and alignment options. Hopefully that should work for you. :slight_smile:

Which icons exactly have moved ?

Right-click on a blanks space on the panel, and select “Panel Settings”, then select the “Panel Applets” tab.

Now click on a panel applet in the list (to highlight it), and click the Up/Down Arrow buttons to move it up or down the list … if you watch your bottom panel as you do that, you’ll soon figure out what’s going on when you move an item.

Here’s the default order (I think):-

@toonman when I minimise this screen and go down and right click on the panel and open Preferences, I have selected ‘bottom’ and ‘right’, I did this in the morning as well but it made no difference. :frowning: When I select any other option it still stays the same :o
When I try to maximise the screen again, it has disappeared and I have to restart Chrome to get back here >:(
I’m lost :-[

Alignment should be “Bottom” & “Left” … but that’s not so important.

That’s the alignment on screen of the whole panel … eg. if your panel was only half the width of the screen (Width: 50%), it would be on the bottom left of screen.

Placement of anything ON the panel is controlled the way I mentioned above.

If you’re unable to get it back the way it should be … let me know and I’ll tell you how to reset it to defaults.

Thanks Mark,
I added ‘Task Bar (Window List)’ to the menu and removed ‘Desktop Pager’ and the icons have reset to the bottom right where they were originally.
I now have 2 new ‘coloured’ icons on the bar, the first has the wireless connection and a list of numbers and connections etc. , and the second has an exclamation mark on the icon and say ‘eth0 Connection has limited or no connectivity’

I can only assume you’ve added the “Manage Networks” Panel Applet

Where you were before, click “Manage Networks” in the “Currently loaded plugins” list (to highlight it), and click the “Remove” button.

Peppermint Default Panel Applets.

OK Mark,
Just as you said.I have removed ‘Manage Networks’ and all is ok again.
Thanks again

No worries :slight_smile:

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