Partitioning (solved)

I am currently duel booting with w8 which I want to keep and have been reading about partitioning.I’m going to reinstall Mint after I have given a bigger partition to it from the windows side.So my question is in duel boot when installing cinnamon will I still be given the option to partition the drive so i can have 3 partitions as recommended / swap and home as at the moment I only have one partition in Mint and don’t want to be manually copying files etc if new distro comes out?

Update…can create partitions but only 2 as only four are allowed so was unable to create the third partition as remaining free space was labelled as unusable.

only four PRIMARY partitions are allowed … but one of them can be an EXTENDED partition that can contain any number of LOGICAL partitions

Linux is just as happy to go on logical partitions.

Thanks Mark ,have to look on net to see how I extend a partition.Is it best to install mint using the 2 available partitions albeit with one extended or just extend one partition and install mint in that?

It’s not that you actually “extend” a partition that already exists … EXTENDED is an actual partition TYPE

There are 3 possible partition types on a drive with an MSDOS style partition tabel

  1. Primary
  2. Extended
  3. Logical

There is a 4 Primary partition limit, but an Extended partition can contain any number of Logical partitions and counts as 1 Primary partition.

Think of an Extended partition as just a container for Logical partition … it doesn’t hold data itself, but hold Logical partitions which hold data.

When creating a partition on a drive you’ll be asked whether to make it a Primary partition or not … some partitioning software will ask if you want to create an extended partition, then you have to manually add Logical partitions … others will just ask if you want Primary or Logical (and if you select Logical will automagically create the Extended container).

It’s NOT that you’re “extending” a Primary partition (that would just end up with a bigger Primary) … it’s an entirely different TYPE of partition.

Hope that made sense ?


See the image below … that drive though showing 4 partitions is actually only using 2 Primary partitions (sda1 and sda2) out of the 4 possible.

sda2 is an extended partition (denoted by the blue outline around sda5, sda6, and sda7) … it contains 3 Logical partitions, sda5, sda6, and sda7

So really you could add another 2 Primary partitions of you needed (though in that example you’d need to shrink something else to make room for them).

Think of it like this … you’re a suitcase salesman but are told you can only present 4 Primary suitcases at the check-in for a plane, those suitcases can be any size you like. One of them (extended) can be a special type of suitcase which still counts towards your 4 limit, but can contain as many sub-suitcases inside as you like :wink:

You’re still within the rules of only presenting 4 Primary suitcases (3 Primary and 1 Extended) … but you actually have as many as you like.

Ah right extended is name/type not what you do to the partition,I understand that not problem Mark.
Thanks again. :wink:

All done and dusted thanks again Mark.

Nice, great to hear you got the job done :slight_smile: