Password change in recovery mode failure

I have forgotten my password so looked up how to renew it. A bit daunting but not too bad as I carefully followed the instructions.
I reached the point where I enter a new password, and re-type, but then I get a message:“authentication token manipulation error”.
I started again from scratch, but got the same problem.
Can anybody help, or show me another way to resolve my password issue?

Hi mikeaj, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you tell us which instructions you followed ?

Was it these:


Thanks for prompt reply! I need gentle handling as although I have been in IT since 1976 I haven’t been at the sharp end since mid nineties and not only has a lot changed, but I have forgotten a lot!
The first part looks identical, but then varies slightly, the username being"jorge". Otherwise the process looks the same.
This is certainly what I did, or thought I was doing.

“authentication token manipulation error” is nearly always a result of the partition still being mounted as “read only” (unwriteable).

So the:-

mount -o rw,remount /

is important.

Hint - There are NO numbers in the above command, it’s ALL lower case, there are 3 spaces, and that’s a comma not a full stop.

Thanks, I’ll try that. It makes sense, and I suspect I put a number in it. I should have paid attention, I do know better!

many thanks, you were right! The zero, that wasn’t got me. Just redid it and all is well.
This is good for me as it’s making me think and remember how I used to do things on big machines with less power than my laptop.,
My brain hurts.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile: