Peerblock on Windows, whats Ubuntu's equivalent?

The ports are open just like on Windows, but those ports are open on the router, so it’s has nothing to do with the OS.

Like I said, if your worried about the security of your computer either stop using torrents, or lock down your routers firewall completely.

It already is as I want it to be as secure as I can make it.
I’ve been on the portscan website and my PC came up secure but the only thing it could tell me was my IP address.

My PC is as secure as I can make it, with my limited knowledge :). All I need to be able to do now it hide my IP address, how can I do that, without Browsing with Tor as I want to use Transmission and they don’t mix (do they?) and anyway, is it possible to hide my IP address and use Transmission?

In Transmission goto Edit > Preferences > Privacy.

Paste the following:

Hit update.

You’ll be secure from most IP sniffers, I.E. Federal agencies, copyright piracy detectors, etc.

The only way you can really “hide” your IP, is by using a proxy server, and then using that proxy server to connect to another proxy server, so that your behind several firewalls, plus have to different IP’s to mask your IP.

Thanks for that, I’ll have to look at how to use proxy servers as I don’t know at the mo’