Peppermint 4....lost password (Solved)

Installed P4 for a friend about 3 months ago.

He has been in hospital and has forgotten password.

Any way to retrieve it.


Hi Jocklad

Here’s a tutorial that should help

Good luck


No way to retrieve it, but you can reset it by following the instructions in the link by Emegra.

ie. by adding “single” to the end of the kernel boot line … then running “passwd” and entering the new password twice

Any problems, let us know.


For reference, here’s a link to another way to enter “single user mode” and reset a lost password:

After much mind searching managed to get the password.

Were up and running.

Thanks for your help Guys.

Jocklad :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Did you try resetting the password with either Emegra’s or my links ? … just wondering ?

He managed to remember the password Mark.(After many attempts)

Lesson learned…Be very careful.


Doesn’t this represent a pretty major security risk?

Not really … you’d need local access, and it’s possible to password protect GRUB if you want.

That said, if they have local access pretty much anything that’s not encrypted is at risk on any PC/OS

I guess that’s true, you could always boot a liveCD then mount the HDD & change what you like (unless the BIOS was locked down & preventing non-HDD booting)

Just seems a bit wrong to be that easy (thinking from a corporate standpoint)…I guess it wouldn’t be possible from a thin client, so maybe that’s another argument for them!

In a corporate environment the system admin should password protect the GRUB bootloader so it can’t be edited in this manner :wink:

And any sensitive data should be on a secured server anyway … preferably one that wouldn’t allow the client to log on after a password change.