Peppermint 4 or Mint 15?

I am a big fan Of Peppermint and use it a couple of low spec laptops/netbooks. My main computer is pretty high specified though. So I was wondering is there any value in installing Mint 15 on that one? (8gb,Intel)

If you like Peppermint, there’s no reason not to use it. If you wanted a more “fully featured” desktop, with lots of wizzy effects & widgets, you should probably look elsewhere (i.e. Mint, or Mint KDE). Have a play in a Virtualbox, see if you like Mint and see if it’s worth it. If you’re not too fussed with the extra bits, you may as well stick with Peppermint :slight_smile:

Only you can answer that … there’s nothing much Mint can do that Peppermint can’t, and vice versa.

Mint will be “upgradeable” at the next version where Peppermint currently needs a fresh install … mint may (depending on what you use the PC for) be easier to configure, and have some bells and whistles out of the box.

Peppermint is small, light, fast, and doesn’t come with a ton of software pre-installed that you’ll never use … which is how I like things, I hate having to remove software I won’t use, and hate expending unnecessary resources even if I have plenty to spare, but that’s just me and only makes sense if you consider some of the stuff that comes with Mint as unnecessary.

If you’re thinking in terms of performance, Peppermint’s low resource footprint will have a much less “marked effect” on a high spec machine.

Use whichever you think will suit your needs … there is no correct “one size fits all” answer to that question :slight_smile:


Really had to bite my tongue there :wink:

Thanks to you both. Yep after thinking about it. Why would I need to change. I might look at jazzing the desktop up. Does anybody have links tosome? :wink:

Nice job playing devils advocate there I like it :slight_smile:

I used to be a big fan of Mint and used it exclusively between versions 11 & 14 but went off it a bit when they introduced Cinnamon and the Nemo file manager, it seemed to cause me a lot of problems like video streaming from a remote location and rendering graphics that i didn’t have with peppermint but they’ve maybe got that sorted out now, otherwise I would say Mint is a great distro but like Mark I can’t see past the lightness and speed of Peppermint, but it’s probably best to give it a spin yourself and make up your own mind, that way you’ll be in no doubt if Mint is for you


Not wishing to start a flame war here (left my asbestos suit at home today), but when talking about a high spec machine, performance difference between Xfce, LXDE and Cinnamon is negligable. If you’re talking an Intel Core iX or Bulldozer-based AMD chip, with 4Gb+ of RAM, you won’t see a difference in performance (the Linux scheduler is too efficient and spreads the load such that it doesn’t matter). You’re talking about the same differences one would see with overclocking CPU & RAM - sure, you can see it clearly in benchmarks, and a subtle feel in “snappiness”, but in day-to-day use, it’s almost perceivable. I’d suggest custom-compiliing your own kernel with the BFS scheduler would provide the same if not more of a performance benefit.

TL;DR - With a high-end machine, “light” distros won’t be any faster than ordinary desktop distros. It’s more about which desktop environment you feel most at home with.

Pretty sure I said that :wink: … for me it’s more about the “idea” of resources being expended for things I don’t use.

Oh, and leaving an asbestos suit at /home, can screw up file management … much better to leave an asbestos_suit :slight_smile: