Peppermint 4 released a day early .. Go get it now.

Hey Mark, you posted a link to getting Skype working somewhere, and now I can’t find it for the life of me. Could you point me in the right direction?


If you already have it installed, and it’s the mic levels you’re having problems with:
(is that the one you mean ?)

if you HAVEN’T got it installed, you’ll need to activate the “Partner” and “Independent” repos in Synaptic … THEN install skype.

Once you have PulseAsudio installed, you can go to:-

menu>Sound & Video>PulseAudio Volume Control>Input Devices

and mess with the mic levels in there (mine are left=79 right=17)

but you MUST have told Skype NOT to automatically adjust the mic.
(explained in the link above)

Has it ever been possible to create accounts on a "Live" USB ?

How did you create the LiveUSB, and is it persistent ?

I did ages ago. can’t remember the distro.

3gb persistance.

It’s not a massive issue. it’s just that I have started to lose usb sticks on a regular basis now! So I don’t want anything visible, documents etc.
Just a simple password would suffice.