Peppermint 5 - 1st thoughts

Hi all.

installed pep 5 on both netbook and laptop, 1st impressions are excellent (hope I haven’t spoke too soon).

since the new year I’ve tried different distros and all have had a few problems with all (linux mint mate17 being the best).

So its refreshing to get back to Peppermint :smiley:
So far no bugs.
Even Chromium works perfect (so far)
Even the back space button can be used to go back a page :wink: oh yeah.

So a big thanks to the devs Mark and Graeme.


Happy to hear you’re liking it :slight_smile:

It installed no problems at all.

Very impressed… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So far all the reports have been good, I just installed the final release this morning so haven’t had a chance to mess about with it but i’ve been playing around with the beta for the last few weeks and I had a good idea it was shaping up to be good

@ Keith

Thanks for the mention but my part was minimal to say the least, anyway glad your enjoying it so far


Not true, and even if it were…

a) it was most certainly an important role … how can bug hunting be anything but ?
b) you’re no doubt going to be contributing even more in the coming weeks, with support and general help around the forum … again as important as anything else (more so than a lot of other stuff).

Peppermint is nothing without ALL the team members and project contributors (such as the beta testers, etc.) … no matter what part they play :slight_smile:


Think about this … we couldn’t really have helped Kendall write the new control center … but do you think he’d have had time if other jobs hadn’t been done, like looking after the forum and its users … or bug hunting and verification ?

ALL contributions are important.

Well, even I have managed to download the ISO and burn to CD and boot to a live session, even got the wifi working, so it must be fairly robust as usually I manage to find a way to foul up the job. Well done to all at Peppermint and thank you. Will do full install as soon as all relevant data has been backed up.
Once again, thanks everyone,

Degsy :smiley:

I think I can talk for the whole team on this … you’re most welcome, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Installed on two laptops and it’s really slick and smooth.

Thanks to all involved.

Glad you like it :slight_smile: