Peppermint 5 and DraftSight (SOLVED)

Has the 64 bit version of DraftSight been released yet ? I am hoping to have a look at some Autocad drawings this weekend and was wondering if I should install the 32 bit version of DraftSight or wait for the 64 bit version. ? Anyone :-\

What makes you ask … have you read somewhere that they’re going to do a 64bit version ?

Hi Mark,
I was sure someone (SeZo ?) mentioned I could use DraftSight to work with Autocad drawings, but there was a 64 bit version being released later in the year.
I may be completely wrong of course and I will just use the 32 bit version

It was in one of the recent newsletters:

Attention Linux users –The number one requested enhancement to DraftSight on Linux was for compatibility with 64-bit computers. As a result, beginning with the next release (estimated for October), the Linux version will support 64-bit computers. To accommodate this request we will no longer provide support for 32-bit computers. Please plan accordingly - because Linux is in Beta, the version that you are using will expire, meaning you will no longer be able to run DraftSight on 32-bit machines. [b]THIS WILL HAPPEN ONLY AT OUR NEXT RELEASE, ESTIMATED FOR OCTOBER[/b].
If you want it before then you can install the 32 bit for now and remove it when the 64 bit becomes available. You will have to deal with the 32 bit dependencies though. See in this thread:

I am runnig DraftSight in both 32 & 64 bit environment and planning to do the above as and when it becomes available.


Have you tried that in 14.04 ?

I’m pretty certain ia32-libs is no longer available (was removed in 13.10 IIRC), so you’ll have to install the i386 build dependencies manually

See here:

Have you tried that in 14.04 ?
I am on Debian (in one form or another)
apt-cache search ia32-libs
ia32-libs-i386 - Transitional package to migrate ia32-libs to multiarch

If installing just a few libs works then it is better. When I first started with DraftSight on the 64 bit, that is how I approached it, but later on decided that the slege hammer approach was better. :wink:

I’m 99.9% sure ia32-libs no longer exisisisists in 14.04 … I had a similar problem helping someone install google earth which required ia32-libs

I’ll check when I can get on a 64bit machine.

and if necessary I’ll write up instructions for installing 32bit draftsight in Peppermint 5 64bit.

Thanks Mark,
I will leave it until you find out what is best.
I could install 32 bit now and install 64 bit in October or whatever you think best.
I am going to the works unit on Monday so I will check out the drawings with Autocad then, I can also have them printed on the A3 printer (my eyesight is not too good either) :wink:
What ever happens I want to put DraftSight on this computer of mine, so I await your thoughts.
@SeZo I thought we had discussed this before :-[ I left it alone then as he said he couldn’t read the drawing I sent back but I am sure it is his problem and I (you) can find a way around it. He uses Autocad 2000 and I will need to save the drawings in that format, does this make sense ?

@SeZo I thought we had discussed this before :-[ I left it alone then as he said he couldn't read the drawing I sent back but I am sure it is his problem and I (you) can find a way around it. He uses Autocad 2000 and I will need to save the drawings in that format, does this make sense ?

Using AutoCAD 2000 is his choice, but not a good one. He must be struggling with it anyway.
In DraftSight File->Save As->Files of type, in the dropdown box select R2000-2002 Drawing (.dwg)
Also you could try R2000-2002 ASCII Drawing (
.dxf) for good measure.

Dunno how good the saving down compatibility is as have not needed it to go back that far. The earliest version I saved down to was R2010.

Hi SeZo,
He sent me a drawing and I opened it in DraftSight with no problems. I then added some text and saved it as a R2000-2002.dwg. I e-mailed it back to him and he said he couldn’t read it ? I maybe should have tried the ASCII .dxf as well.
I have just left it at that as I don’t need to make any changes to the drawings, I only need to open and read them.
Since setting up this machine with Peppermint 5 everything is working well but I will now have to put DraftSight on to view the latest drawing projects.
I thought that would be a simple job but it looks as if I have created yet more problems :-[
Don W
PS He has a perfectly good Autocad 2014 but won’t install it. ::slight_smile:

I thought that would be a simple job but it looks as if I have created yet more problems :-[

Nah, it is no more complicated than installing any other 32 bit software on 64 bit operating system. You just need to provide the right environment. :slight_smile:
The best thing to do is start the install from the deb and see what errors you get, then see how to remedy the situation.

Hi SeZo,
I have tried the instructions here

but they don’t work. It says there is no ia32-libs but it has been replaced with something else but that don’t work either.

These instructions are ONLY for 64bit distros based on Ubuntu 14.04 … if you’re using a 32bit distro, just download the .deb and double-click it to install.

To install the latest version of DraftSight (beta 1.52) in Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit) so therefore Peppermint 5 (64bit) … open a terminal and run:

sudo apt install libaudio2:i386 libxt6:i386 libgtk2.0-0:i386 lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 lib32stdc++6 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386

Now downlaod the .deb from here (directly from the DraftSight servers):
and double-click it to install.

When prompted, click “Accept” to accept the license.

Once it’s done, you’ll find DraftSight at:-

menu > Graphics > DraftSight

Thanks Mark,
Duly installed and registered. Now going to have a play with the manual.

NP :slight_smile:

Excellent work Mark. Is it the case what Ubuntu takeh out, not what they put in?

Thanks Mark,
I have carried out your instructions and DraftSight is installed and registered. Great work from you again, many thanks.
I have looked at a drawing and saved it as 2003ascii.dxf as SeZo suggested, so I will until Monday to see if it can be read in Autocad.
The main problem I have is when opening the drawings a box appears that says

/home/don/drawings/xxxxxx.dwg is actively in use or is read only.
Would you like to open the file read only ? Yes/No
I have to pick Yes to get the drawing to open.

When I close the file it asks if I want to save changes, then it says this file is read only.
I don’t know where this problem is, it may be with the .dwg files themselves.
Also when I select Print Preview it says no Printers are set up ? Yet when I select Print it prints to my SX130 ?
It is working for the moment and I can see the drawings ok so I will wait until Monday before altering anything.

Is it the case what Ubuntu taken out, not what they put in?

If I’m understanding the question, a bit of both … since the depreciation/removal of ia32-libs I’m still just trying to figure this $%^& out on the fly, as it were.

I suppose in the long run this’ll be a better method as it means you’re only going to install the 32bit libs that are necessary … but it would probably help if the package maintainers did their job properly in the first place :slight_smile:

The difference between Debian and Ubuntu is growing. Is Ubuntu ahead of Debian by removing things or just want to be different. :-\

I only get that dialog if the file is read only.

Try to list some which are writable:

ls -l /home/don/drawings/ | grep rw

and try to open the drawing name that (if anything) is returned

If this is to be believed:

looks like Debian are going the same route, and have depreciated ia32-libs