Peppermint 5 feedback from a novice user

Hi guys

Just thought I would post some feedback on Peppermint 5 from a total novice.

Thanks to Mark’s help and advice I installed Peppermint on my own netbook and onto two friends Toshiba laptops one running XP and the other Vista.

After first using P4 for a short while without any problems I updated two of them to P5 and in the several weeks since have three delighted users converted to
Peppermint from Windows and with it running perfectly with no problems whatsoever on some fairly old low spec. kit.

So thanks again to Mark and everyone connected with Peppermint for a great OS.

PS My next task is to update the third Toshiba laptop from P4 to P5 which has two HDD and with Mint 17 and P4 already installed by me some time back.
My friend uses Peppermint mostly but as I don’t want to delete Mint by mistake when I upgrade from 4 to 5 I may need some advice if I can’t work out how to do it,

Hope no one minds a few more questions perhaps?

Thanks again.


Sure … fire away :slight_smile:

Probably the easiest way would be to boot into Mint … install grparted … then use gparted to delete the Peppermint 4 partition(s) … then boot to a Peppermint 5 LiveCD/USB and install to the “free space”.