Peppermint 5 not booting

Hi All - Mea Culpa!!! I’ve managed to screw up my wife’s Compaq Mini … :-[

She wanted the lock-screen theme changing and I thought I remembered how but…

I installed MDM themes and changed the default file (etc/usr/bin) to reflect that. Obviously I’ve boobed - cos now, at boot, the progress bar moves very slowly across the box but doesn’t complete to the password screen. I’ve tried opening a terminal to re-edit the file (Ctrl/Alt/T) but that doesn’t work either.

I’m now in deep doo-doo so any help would be great! (Just going to find my shovel ::slight_smile: )



Firstly there’s no file /etc/usr/bin :o

Secondly, Ctrl+Alt+T will only work from a booted desktop.

To edit the file you’ll either have to boot a LiveCD/LiveUSB then edit the file on your hard drive


Boot to recovery mode
then select “Drop to a root prompt”
then remount the root partition read/write with

mount -o rw,remount /

then use “nano” to edit the file … as in

nano /full/path/to/file/to/be/edited

The LiveCD/LiveUSB method will be the easiest unless you’re comfortable without a GUI :wink:



Boot to a LiveCD/LiveUSB

Open file manager

select the hard drive in the left hand column of file manager

browse (on the hard drive) to /etc/X11

right-click on the default-display-manager file and select “Open as root” (leave the passsword empty, just hit enter)

edit the file

SAVE the file

Reboot to t he hard drive

Thanks Mark - I owe you one!

That worked fine except - it’s the X11 file itself that needs opening as root rather than the default-display-manager file inside it. :wink: (There was no ‘root’ option available with default-display-manager)


Just a thought for those reading this post who are thinking of switching to Linux from Windows…

Due to my ineptitude, I was left with an inoperable system. If this had been Windows I’d have been up **** creek with the best advice being ‘try system restore’, re-install Windows (if I was lucky enough to have the disk) or take it to my nearest computer shop! Instead, one post to a dedicated site and a response from someone who knows what they are doing, and all is well. Worst thing to happen - I look a bit of an idiot, but I can live with that! Food for thought… :wink:

You spotted the intentional mistake, carefully crafted to test your observational skills … well done grasshopper </lying through teeth smiley>