Peppermint 5

Looking forward to Peppermint 5. I recently installed Mint 16 on My business system and I’m not fussed on it. If only PCmanFM would recognize volumes quicker it would be perfect but sometimes I can wait 20 minutes for it to recognize a usb stick…sometimes not at all. I have to use Thunar file manager and it works instantly.

Anybody got any clues as to what we can expect? Is it LTS?

That’s a strange issue you’re having with the USB drives I’ve never experienced that at all

Anybody got any clues as to what we can expect? Is it LTS?

Peppermint 5 will continue the tradition of just getting better with each release, believe me this one’s worth waiting for and as it’s based on Lubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) so it will be an LTS release


Thanks Emegra, I wasn’t sure if it was LTS.

Yes, the usb problem is strange but I have had the problem with 3 different computers so I think it might be the file manager. Could be the usb stick. I can’t remember if I have tried different ones.

If this is only happening with one drive then my guess would be the drive is the problem the fact it works ok with Thunar could just mean there’s something about that particular drive pcmanfm doesn’t like which Thunar doesn’t have a problem with, maybe reformatting the drive would help

If you have any other drives at hand I would try them first to try to isolate the problem, this does seem to be an unusual issue and the fact it’s happening with 3 different PC’s suggests to me the drive’s behind it


That is most definitely a weird issue … nobody else has reported it, and it certainly doesn’t happen to me.

Have you tried the later version of pcmanfm from my PPA ?

I haven’t tried the latest version Mark, I’m going to upgrade to PM5 when it’s out so I may as well wait as I will be installing it on 4 computers.

So what’s the story with Peppermint 5 at this current moment? Is there a hint of a release date, or maybe a “what’s new” feature list?

Beta testing starts in a couple of days … so hopefully “soon” … I’m afraid I can’t say anything more than that, as Peppermint release when it’s deemed “ready” and not to a fixed schedule.

I must add the Lubuntu 14.04 base seemed very “buggy” this time around.

Sure thing, I know the score :slight_smile:
It just that if you’ve been exposed to the pre-public beta or alpha builds, you might have more of a flavour of how long the whole QA process will take, reading between the lines…

But this seems to give me the best answer to the question!

Still waiting. Well I suppose it will be worth waiting for. :slight_smile:

Still waiting. Well I suppose it will be worth waiting for

Definitely worth waiting for I don’t want to give too much away at this point but it shouldn’t be long now :slight_smile:


As I have installed P4 on two of my friend’s laptops I shall hopefully be updating them to P5 asap.

However, i wondered if it would it be sensible for a novice like me to wait a while before installing P5 in case there are bugs that need to be fixed?
I don’t have the knowledge or understanding to fix stuff and don’t want to install on other peoples’ machines if it may cause a problem for them.

P4 is working OK so no great loss although i’m like a small child waiting for the latest “toy”.

Is Peppermint not generally released until after testing has been done anyway?

Hi cicero

All things going to plan Peppermint 5 will be be released today, and I’m sure Mark will announce it when it does

PM5 has went through rigorous testing throughout the beta phase that’s not to say there aren’t any bugs slipped under the radar, but I suppose that applies to any software but any that are discovered after release will receive updates and fixes, so personally I don’t think you have anything to fear from installing straight away if that’s what you want to do

i'm like a small child waiting for the latest "toy"

Aren’t we all :slight_smile:


Hi, Graeme

Thanks for that gives me confidence to install as soon as it’s available.

I have to say I’m a rather old “small child” although the wife reckons i’ve never grown up!! :slight_smile:

I can tell you the RC version seems remarkably bug free to me … at least on the 2 PC’s I’m running it on, and nobody in the beta group has reported any problems with it :slight_smile:

Beta testing went well, with at least all the major bugs being identified and dealt with … as Emegra points out, this is no guarantee there won’t be some minor bugs (as there always are in any software) that weren’t identified but by definition that means they’re not going to affect most users. … any small bugs identified post-release will be dealt with through updates.

Peppermint 5 is certainly (IMHO) “ready” … as you correctly suggested Peppermint don’t release to a fixed schedule, it’s only released when the beta group stop finding bugs, and it’s considered “ready for release” :slight_smile:

I’ll never understand those distros that release to a schedule, even with known bugs in place … marketing men say this is a good idea but I’m not convinced, the fact that (like you suggested) a LOT of people wait for the .1 releases of those distro’s seems to suggest they’re wrong :o

IMHO, at least the LTS releases should be as bug free as possible BEFORE release … but that’s just my opinion.

Hi, Mark

Thanks for the update and info. as always you provide lots of useful detail and talk a lot of good sense. :slight_smile:


Odd innit ? … the missus says I talk complete bllcks :o

I can’t speak for anyone else on here but I’m with Marks missus on this ;D


Hehehe … I’d show her that, she’d find it amusing … but I’d loose my refuge in the process :slight_smile:

And did they simultaneously stop updates on Pep4, cause nothing works, even apt-get commands. That is evil, but I saw some release about only 1 yr support for Pep4, which was released in June 2013.