Peppermint 6 on Samsung np700g7c laptop

Well, following my other thread on the choice of laptops, we finally took the expensive plunge of getting a NP700. :o

And… since I can’t get on with unity, ::slight_smile: I have just installed P6 on it, :slight_smile: having replaced one of the HDD’s with an SSD*.

was an easy install, which i will detail once I finished tweaking, but it all appears to work properly ( for now !! )

  • had to buy a new SSD, as the “old” out of the old HP has some evolution data on it that I couldn’t migrate to the current version of evo, so I took the decision to run this SSD on an old machine ( when I get round to it ), and then put it in the laptop to replace the current second HDD.

gonna get my printers installed in a bit,and then restore most of my data to this ssd… (yawn)…

(Yes, it has definitely cost too much, but if we look after it, it should last as long as the old HP did… here’s hoping anyway!)

Good choice … I bet Peppermint flies on that thing :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, yep sure does. thanks!! very pleased with the customisation options :slight_smile:

First time with Peppermint 6 ?

Yep! ;D … But you may recall that I tried Peppermint a while ago on the old HP, and we had some completely bonkers graphics corruption - it was about the time of that :-X :-X :-X mess called unity ::slight_smile: - and I went back to 10:04 - which I would probably still be running if the HP were still “with us” :-\

Really like the way P6 works tho - finding it really good to use. Thanks very much for it - tis loverly :slight_smile:

Managed to set up my symlinks last night, to keep the OS partition nice and tidy… its all coming together really nicely :slight_smile:

( and reformatted the 2nd HDD, which had some weird windross corruption written to it !!! )

Set the BIOS up in CSM mode - should I have set it up is UEFI mode ? - stayed away as Samsung appear to have used version 1.8 of the UEFI code - which can cause buffer overflow and trash the motherboard (!!!) = DOH !!

Not at all, whatever works for you … we only added UEFI support for those that wanted to dual boot with pre-installed Winders 8/8.1/10


BTW, we’re always looking for ways to improve Peppermint, so if you ever have any suggestions…