Peppermint 8 installation on Acer laptop (SOLVED)

Hi Mark,
I have access to an Acer laptop and would like to install Pep 8 on it alongside Win 10. Is this possible ?
What information do you need if it is doable ??

Don W

Sure it should be doable…

Have you got a Peppermint LiveUSB, and have you tried booting it on the Acer and selecting “Try Peppermint” … if so, did it boot to a working desktop ?

Hi Mark,
I downloaded the iso from the Peppermint OS website onto this (Linux) computer.
I used the Unetbootin and stuck it on the Flash drive.
I took it over to the Win 10 machine and stuck it in the only usable port on the machine.
I hit F2 as the first screen came up and changed the boot order to boot from the flash drive first.
A screen appeared and I chose 'Try Peppermint and Peppermint 8 appeared and works ok.
I tried pressing one or two buttons and then logged out and shutdown. There was an icon on screen saying ‘Install Peppermint’
It looks as if everything is ok.
I want to be able to use Peppermint on that machine without disturbing my grandson, will I get a boot menu where I have to choose which OS I use and will it default to Win 10 (preferably) ??

take care
Don W

Do you know how to use shrink the Windows 10 partition in Windows ?

When I right click the bottom left ‘Windows’ icon I get the menu with ‘Disk Management’. When I select Disk Management I get a page with the disc layout
(Disk0 partition 1) Capacity 12GB Free Space 12GB
Acer (C:) Capacity 285.99 Gb Free Space 207.12 Gb
SYSTEM RESERVED Capacity 102MB Free Space 66MB
I suppose this is where I stick my grubby little fingers in ?? :wink:

Well you have 2 options here

a) Use Windows to shrink its own “C:” partition (leaving unpartitioned space AFTER the C: partition) … then when installing Peppermint tell the installer to use the free unpartitioned space.


b) Let Peppermints Ubiquity installer resize the Windows partition for you as part of the installation process by choosing “install alongside Windows” then adjusting the slider to resize.

Personally though I’ve never had any problems with Ubiquity (the Ubuntu/Peppermint installer) I generally let Windows resize itself … it’s (theoretically) less likely to allow you to do something that would break Windows without bombarding you with warnings.

IIRC in Windows (disk management) you right-click the “C:” partition and select “resize” … then shrink it leaving the amount of room you want to give Peppermint AFTER the “C:” partition.
Then reboot into Windows to make sure it all works and you now have unpartitioned space after the “C:” partition.

If you do, we’ll carry on.

OK Mark,
I used Windows to split the C: drive and now have :-

Acer (C:) 166.92 GB NTFS and it is Healthy(Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

and behind that is

119.06GB Unallocated partition

Okay boot Peppermint and select “Try Peppermint”

Once at the live desktop double-click the “Install Peppermint” icon on the desktop.

The installer should offer to install Peppermint “alongside Windows” in the free space.

From that point, the installer should pretty much walk you through the installation.

Thanks again Mark,
I followed your suggestions and Peppermint 8 is up and running on the Acer Aspire alongside windows.
Is there a way to change the boot order so that the default is Windows ?
If not I will show my grandson how to choose the Windows boot option and that will be ok.
Thanks again

Don W
EDIT I will mark this solved later today.

Sure there is, but I’ll need you to post the output from:

cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -i windows

and if there’s no output from the above command … post the contents of:

xed /boot/grub/grub.cfg

This is here for reference:

Hi Mark,
I have this

don@ldwatson ~ $ cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -i windows
menuentry ‘Windows Recovery Environment (loader) (on /dev/sda1)’ --class windows --class os $menuentry_id_option ‘osprober-chain-321059201058EBFB’ {
menuentry ‘Windows 10 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)’ --class windows --class os $menuentry_id_option ‘osprober-chain-0480592E80592786’ {
don@ldwatson ~ $

Is this ok ?

Okay, run:

sudo xed /etc/default/grub

find the line that reads:-


and change it to read:-

GRUB_DEFAULT='Windows 10 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)'

whilst you’re in here you may want to change the amount of time that the GRUB menu displays before automatically booting Windows from 10 seconds to say 5

So find the line that reads


and change it to read


SAVE the file and exit the text editor.

Back in the terminal run:

sudo update-grub

to apply the changes to the GRUB menu.

Thanks Mark,
I will apply these suggestions when I log on to the Win 10 machine.

EDIT I have carried out your suggestions Mark and all is as I expected. Computer boots into Win 10 (pretty quickly) and that is the default.
If I want Linux on the machine I have to be pretty quick :wink:
Awesome work from you (again) Great Karma

Don W

If 5 seconds isn’t long enough we can always change the GRUB_TIMEOUT back to 10 seconds (and sudo update-grub) again ?

Here’s a tip - If you don’t think you can find the arrow keys quickly enough to select Peppermint, hitting any key (such as the spacebar) whilst the GRUB menu is displaying halts the 5 second timeout, so you now have as long as you want to select which OS to boot into.

Thanks Mark for all your help.

take care
Don W

No problem Don :slight_smile: